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Fabris Profile

Our Story

FABRIS s.r.l. was founded in 1976 by the two founders, Rafaele Fabris and Francesco Fabris, as a company specialized in the expanded polystyrene packaging sector. In 1986 it diversified its production into the field of thermoforming.

FABRIS s.r.l. puts itself forward as a prominent organization throughout the national territory in the processing of expanded polystyrene sector as well as in molding for the thermoforming of plastic materials sector.



Our philosophy

The success, the growing and continuous inclusion of FABRIS s.r.l. in markets has always been characterized by a strong sensibility oriented to customer needs and the meticulous attention paid to customer service. These are goals which have been made possible thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, advanced technology, qualified personnel, and a continuous and in-depth research for knowledge and market needs.

As far as we are concerned, you can count quantity and… you can count on quality!

Fabris srl also pays the same attention to the environment, through the sensible use of recycled plastics, where this is permitted, or by recycling the processing scraps of expanded polystyrene through a re-granulation system.